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30. Oktober 2004


martin, 11:23 #

19. Oktober 2004


Heute Abend, 18:21, auf dem Weg zur Babisnauer Pappel, kurz oberhalb von Golberode.

(Haiko hat eine Erklärung, wie man Zeichnung in die dunklen Bildteile bekommt. Wenn man will.)

martin, 21:09 #

8. Oktober 2004


Today's Photofriday-Challenge "2 by 4" had the following rule:

Go outside and walk 2 blocks north, turn east, walk 4 blocks. Stop. Take pictures of whatever you find there.

I walked out of my house in the "Hechtviertel"-District of Dresden, Germany, turned north, walked up two street ("blocks" end one street north of mine), turned right and walked 4 streets. I ended up at the crossing of Stauffenbergallee and Hans-Oster-Straße. It is an interesting place with many sights, such as the Museum of Miltary History and the Garnisonskirche and a beautiful park (I realised that it is really autumn now), but the pictures I took of them are not the most interesting ones. I went into a small Asian cookshop which is located in a metal-and-plastic booth right next to the church and had lunch. In their "dining room", which is really two metal containers like the ones used at construction work sites glued together, I took this picture. The focus is not the way I wanted it but the scene is interesting anyway I thought.

martin, 16:32 #

6. Oktober 2004


Liebes Tagebuch: Mein neuer Monitor ist schön.

(Ja, nur einer. Der erste der beiden war kaputt und ging retour. Und das blöde Ding ist ausverkauft. Also wieder nichts mit Multi-Moni-Setup. Aber vorm Computer sitzen ist eh schädlich.)

martin, 12:26 #