25. August 2004

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Liz May ist 17. beim Triathlon geworden! Hurra! Gratulation!

eBay-Artikel 4032275881 (Endet 31.08.04 21:30:29 MESZ ) - Unity - The Official Athens 2004 Olympic Games Album Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie essen gern Brötchen mit Haselnusscreme und haben drei Bäcker in der Stadt.

Besim Karadeniz bloggt.

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Nettes Flash-Spielchen: Die Wagenschenke

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BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Music | Singles boost as UK music grows

UK singles' sales have risen for the first time in five years, music industry figures show.

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) recorded a 6.4% rise in singles sales and 3.7% rise in album sales.

Sales across all music formats had a total value of £230m from April to June in the UK, compared to total sales of £221m in the same period last year.

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Six easy steps :: hebig.org/blog

1. Use mathematics as a shorthand language, rather than as an engine of inquiry. 2. Keep to them till you have done. 3. Translate into English. 4. Then illustrate by examples that are important in real life. 5. Burn the mathematics. 6. If you can't succeed in 4, burn 3. This last I did often.

Alfred Marshall

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