3. August 2004

Innovations like this are probably more helpful in raising Siemens' bottom line than 40 hour working weeks.

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Stéphane Allaire: Ce qui nous empêche d'avancer en éducation, c'est notre obsession de vouloir que tout le monde embarque dans le même bateau en même temps. (via Mario Asselin)

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Batke, Jan-Mark; Eisenberg, Gunnar; Weishaupt, Philipp; Sikora, Thomas: A Query by Humming system using MPEG-7 Descriptors. 116th AES Convention, Berlin, May 2004.

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BBC NEWS | UK | Education | Seaside towns 'increase teen sex'

Teenagers in English seaside resorts are more likely to get pregnant than those elsewhere due to a "hedonistic" party culture, a report says. (...) Official figures show Blackpool has 74.8 conceptions per 1,000 girls aged 15 to 17. The national average is 42.6. (...) The government report - Living on the Edge - found a feeling of "carnivalesque excitement" among young people in seaside towns. This led to "detachment, the suspension of reality".
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