29. Juli 2004

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Most of the last 40-some days have followed one of two patterns. Either:

1. 9am: get out of bed
2. Walk to kitchen
3. Turn on the computer
4. Start work
5. Nineteen hours later at 4am: realise the time
6. Realise I forgot to eat
7. Realise I forgot to wash
8. Realise I forgot to move
9. Walk to bedroom
10. Go to bed

martin, 18:40 #

LibraryPlanet.com Large WordPress Imports. Template für MT-Exporte. (noch ungetestet)

martin, 16:24 #

Hallo Welt!

Blogging Jobs (drop me a line of you apply for one of them)

martin, 10:33 #

Skype - Job Openings. Ingenieure in Tallinn, Businessleute in London.

martin, 10:24 #

Anjo Anjewierden: Ice cream survey: "The "ice cream" survey is pretty simple. I ask for an ice cream of € 2,00 with the instructions: "Mixed, but no chocolate flavour". There are three ideas here. (...) Obviously, the third idea is to get more ice cream compared to following the standard pattern because of the high-level social interaction."

Sehr lesenswert.

martin, 9:57 #