15. Juli 2004

Interview mit Al Jarreau auf SpOn (via ITW)

martin, 18:11 #

Thorsten Wichmann (welcome!): Weblogs in Deutschland: Mehr als man denkt?

martin, 17:43 #

JugglEnglish JugglEnglish is a practice used to learn languages with the aid of physical coordinated activity (typically juggling). (...) basically the starting idea is: "now try to juggle three balls and count loud (in the language you're trying to learn) each flash".

martin, 17:09 #

TH: "Being grumpy is good for blogging, but bad for my productivity and worse for my immediate surroundings."

martin, 14:58 #

Horst Prillinger: "I'm quite amazed at the BlogTalk coverage in the larger German news media (e.g. Der Spiegel, ZDF/Heute, Heise.de), all of which seem to focus on one slide from Nico Lumma's presentation and used it to present a very distorted picture of what was said at the conference. It probably teaches Nico what can happen if you have a slide that's just too catchy and creates too much of an impact."

martin, 13:55 #

Gary Turner: Trojan iPod

"(...) the iPod, besides what it represents at a face value function level, is a very clever move by Apple and a real market share trojan horse. Now that I - a PC user - own a piece of Apple hardware and can now experience what it's like being an Apple customer, with all the quirky coolness the brand experience conveys, I'm a whole lot closer to buying an Apple computer."

martin, 0:32 #