5. Juli 2004

Heiko Hebig: Skype calling: "I just made my very first phone call from the Internet to a regular phone using Skype."

martin, 18:01 #

Stephanie Hendrick:

"One thing that I noticed from the panel position was how well people seem to be able to multitask! I saw people live-blogging, using web cameras, listening to ear phones, and even received an Orkut invitation during our presentation. This makes me wonder…I have often heard that the laptop separates people, that we can not communicate as effectively as we do face to face at conferences, but I wonder if it is not just a matter of practice… those who can multitask seem better at communication than many I have spoken with F2F. I do not believe that the laptop is a barrier, but a facilitator."
martin, 15:54 #

smi - [blogtalk 2.0] uma (Weblogs für Kinder). Ich verstehe nicht, warum die das in Flash machen. Ich verstehe den Sinn des internen Mailsystems nicht. Wie alt sind die Kinder, die das benutzen sollen?

Haben oder Sein? Ein Kommentar im Photoblog. Bilder im Kopf: Mauerblümchen

martin, 12:01 #