23. Januar 2004

"Street Life"-Arrangement für 6-stimmiges Vokalensemble. Cool.

Eins der wenigen brauchbaren Street Life Akkord-LeadSheats.

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Mopsos - Customers are shaping the future of corporate communication über interactive journalism und andere Dinge.

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Joi Ito's Web: The blogging panel at Davos

Mr. Burda had a lot of great insights and talked about how collapsing business models and changes were all part of the game and that he and the others needed to let go and adapt. He made a point that he would be interested to see more blogs focusing on things like science instead of typically popular stuff like politics.
martin, 11:16 #

Guardian: China buys more VWs than Germany (via Lucian)

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The Thinkers 50 (merci, Jirka)

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