12. Dezember 2003

Sehr cool: The Instablog (merci Haiko)

martin, 23:05 #

Du weißt, dass Du zu viel surfst, wenn Du E-Mails mit "CTRL-w" löschen willst.

martin, 21:30 #

SELFHTML-Spendenstand gestern: Viertausendsiebenhundert und ein paar Zerquetschte.

Spendenstand heute: 12.726,12 €.


martin, 21:15 #

Haiko Hebig: Fine Weblog Layouts

martin, 20:49 #

Links zum WSIS:

The Daily Summit - Iran's ICT minister confronted.

Daily Summit asked Microsoft Managing Director for Global Affairs, Pamela Passman what the company hoped to achieve at the summit.

Kommentar zum Gipfel bei der BBC

It is perhaps somewhat ironic that the real benefits of WSIS should come almost entirely from the fact that it has enabled thousands of people to meet face to face without email.
martin, 19:44 #

Ein Link für den Freitag: Michael O'Connor Clarke: Tools for interminable conference calls.

martin, 10:10 #

Joi's Moblog: No Tattoos Allowed!

In den Kommentaren: "From my understanding, almost all Japanese bath houses disallow tatoos. The reasoning being that it keeps out the Yakuza."

martin, 1:22 #

Meatball Wiki: WikiLog

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