14. Mai 2003

Das Blogtalk-Paper von Henry Copeland dürfte interessant werden.

martin, 18:33 #

Ein Eintrag zur BlogTalk auf Metafilter mit unerwarteten Kommentaren.

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martin, 18:11 #

Aus den Logfiles: Google Search: gewinnschwelle bei kaninchen


martin, 16:28 #

Heiko Hebig: "If your company has problems, it is always a good idea to get a new logo in order to delight the shareholders."

Eeehhmm.. ja. ;-)

martin, 15:48 #

Aufgrund des Dollarkurses lohnt es sich beim großen Bestellungen bei amazon.com anstatt amazon.de einzukaufen.

Oh mein Gott! Ich bin enttarnt!

Documentation found in PorridgeBoy's possession by coalition forces reveal a long-standing relationship with Martin Roell, author of the immensely succesful BlogShares Quick Play Guide.

A spokesperson for the Coalition alleges Roell, who completed his national service with the Baader-Meinhof Gang, may have been deeply implicated in price fixing, insider trading and the financing of international terrorism.

Respected blogger and social commentator Mike Golby recently lashed out at share-price fixing on the BlogShares share market, alleging hyperlinks between Roell and international terrorist, Scottish drag artiste and porn king PorridgeBoy. (...)

"[PorridgeBoy's] intent on taking over the Blogosphere and, to make it happen, he must have his claws into Roell." (...)

Commenting on the successful raid and subsequent emasculation of PorridgeBoy, he said, "I've had my eye on PorridgeBoy's capacity to develop Weapons of Mass Communication for a long time now. The bugger's been using them to manipulate blogging.

"He and Roell go back a long, long way. Check his archives. It was just not on. Regime change was called for and the pre-emptive strike yielded more than we could have hoped for." (...)

"We had irrefutable evidence that PorridgeBoy and Roell, who recently published material implicating Dave Winer and AOL, posed a direct and imminent threat to the stability of the Blogosphere", said Coalition spokesperson Fetchin' Gretchen at a news briefing attended by Frank, Golby and members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association [HFPA]. (...)

"Roell is, when all is said and done, a German."

"(...) [Porridge Boy] and Martin [Roell] were intent on destabilizing blogging as we know it and his ousting should therefore, in our opinion, be welcomed by bloggers as a blow for freedom-loving writers everywhere."

"Asked for comment, Roell merely shrugged his shoulders. "Das e-business," he grinned."

OK. Ich geb' alles zu...

martin, 15:26 #

Die SET ist tot. Ruhe in Frieden.

[Nachtrag] Der Bericht des Rechnungshofs ist wirklich sehr, sehr lesenswert. (Z.B. Abschnitte 2.1, 2.4 und 2.5, 3.2 und die Stellungnahmen der Ministerien in 4. Bemerkenswert auch die personalen Zusammenhänge in 5.4.)

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