13. Mai 2003

Six Log: A Proposal: RSS for Weblogs

Interessant. Muss ich mir noch genauer anschauen.

martin, 16:00 #

Ausnahmesweise mal ein Fullquote, weil es so schön ist:

Heiko Hebig | hebig.com | Why webloggers are cool

I'd like to make a thought-provoking statement: webloggers are cool. Ok, like we didn't know that already. But seriously. Webloggers are different than the rest out there. Why? Because we have big egos and don't mind the whole world to know about it? Because we think our little lives are so important that we live them out in public? No. And no again. Because when you send us an email, we actually respond. That makes us cooler than the other 99% of the Internet. We are for real. We are online on a frequent basis. And we care - most of the times.
martin, 0:44 #