27. April 2003

Noch mehr David Weinberger auf der Etech: Friday: Microsoft:

Greg Elin asks if GPL is a guarantee of acces to code. What is the documented promise that what Microsoft says today will be valid in 2-3 years.

Felipe [of Microsoft] responds: "What's GPL?" and totally loses the audience.

Interesting: David Weinberger bloggt über die Google Keynote auf der Emerging Technology Conference.

Craig says that Google is hiring. You can practically hear 500 people mentally composing their resumes.
Question: The RIAA just sued a college because a local search engine discovered students were sharing MP3s. But Google is even better at finding MP3s. How worried are you?

Answer: We don't let people search for music precisely for these legal reasons. We don't want to make it easy to find illegal information. It's hard to reconcile respect for intellectual property and make all the world's information available.

Esther Dyson asks what they'll be doing with their purchase of Applied Semantics, but Craig is amusingly evasive.

Update (28.04.03): Mehr über den Google-Vortrag bei GlennLog: Google's Director of Technology Talks (via smi)