2. April 2003

Blogs begin butting into business schreibt ein Redakteur der Computerworld New Zealand Online, bekommt das in seinem Artikel aber nicht belegt.

Blogs, as they're known, are no longer just an online epistolary sideline. They're joining traditional project collaboration tools like document management, whiteboards, e-mail and other online meeting spaces, meaning team members within companies and outside can contribute regardless of location. Weblog software aggregates unstructured information in a Web-publishable form, by time and topic, and XML can be used to embed links from a variety of information sources.

While most private bloggers use free or very cheap software to produce their Weblogs (like Blogging.com, run by the Google-owned Pyra Labs Inc., motto: "Push-button publishing for the people"), software vendors sniff a new market in the making. Techdirt, Traction Software and others -- including the usual software heavyweights -- are building in things like enterprise-level security and management, as they are to another technology that started off life as a cult tool, instant messaging.

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Microsoft hat immer noch keinen Plan wo es bei Collaboration-Anwendungen hinwill. (via vrtprj)

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Insider wissen, warum das hier unbedingt gebloggt werden muss: The Penguin Page. (via schockwellenreiter)

Schön auch: Anjas Pinguin-Homepage

Die Kinder zukünftiger Generationen werden sich beim Blic k in Google fragen, wer zuerst da war: Die Sphenisciformes (Flossentaucher) oder die Tuxe.

(Bild von linuxinfozentrum.ch. )

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Der Trend geht zum Unified Massaging:


(T-ISDN Leistungsmerkmale FAQ)

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Rainer Volz schreibt über Webbasierte Projektmanagement-Tools:

Are web-based PM tools still adequate?

Someone approached me recently, asking whether web-based tools would be still appropriate nowadays. The context of the question was more general communication and collaboration technology, but it made me think also about this special market sector, team communication and project management. (...)

The question (...) was provoked by looking at new technologies like IM (instant messaging) and P2P (peer-to-peer). Could it be that products based on these technologies provide more, better functionality for team communication and will replace the now traditional browser-based tools?

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Faszinierend: BlogWorld Star Tree by Ramana Rao (Java-Applet) (gefunden bei José Luis Orihuela)

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