29. März 2003

WarDriving-Forum.de - Mein erster Wardrive durch Dresden ich hab heut meinen ersten Wardrive durch Dresden gemacht. Hab in einer Stunde fast 30 Wlans gefunden und die meisten davon waren unverschlüßelt.

martin, 15:23 #

Ausstellung von Nicolas de Staël im Centre Pompidou. (Via malorama)

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Interesting: Business 2.0 - Making Creativity Work

You hear a lot about why creativity is so vital in business today -- for inspiring breakthrough innovations, accomplishing more with limited resources, and stimulating employees' deep-seated talents and motivations in a highly uncertain world. But what about when a company's product is creativity itself? Whether the firm in question is an advertising agency, design outfit, software company, or entertainment studio, success is determined by the quality, freshness, and relevance of ideas. Is there anything special about the kind of leadership that is required to manage a creative enterprise?

Via Pure Content.

martin, 14:05 #

Bei cyberport gibt es die erste Bluetooth-Kaffeemaschine *! ;-)

(Gefunden von Rainer Wasserfuhr)

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