20. März 2003

Dringende Leseempfehlung: Spiegel: Web-Fundstück: Der Großmeister und Imperator der Westlichen Welt

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Ein Artikel auf msn: Weblogs set for bigger future

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Das The Big Picture-Feature auf CNet ist ziemlich cool. (Ausgangspunkt war dieser Artikel)

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Business 2.0 - Web Article - Storage: Why You're Not Getting the Most out of What You Have

(...) most businesses are using barely half the data storage space they own. How can this be, in a time of tight budgets and penny-pinching? It turns out that the storage is, by and large, in all the wrong places.
Mit der Prozessorleistung ist es noch schlimmer. Zeit, dass das Grid kommt.
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AOL Launches A New Tool To Keep Teens

America Online is quietly rolling out a preview version of a new product called AOL Communicator. It won't be marketed until this summer but already is being offered to some subscribers. AOL Communicator looks a bit like a souped-up version of AOL Instant Messenger, the hugely popular free software used to hold running online text conversations.
(via LucJam)
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