24. Februar 2003

Tolle Fotos aus dem nächtlichen Wien von Heiko Hebig.

martin, 1:14 #

Ich hätt's fast verpasst: Razorfish ist pleite. Danke an Heiko Hebig.

martin, 0:43 #

MegaWiki: A freeware Wiki application for the Palm OS. Spannend. Wird bald getestet. (via tissot)

martin, 0:24 #

Phil Wainewright: "The most important aspect of weblog publishing is not the ease of participation but the connectedness of it, and thus the ability to create value by making new, unanticipated links. In that respect, blogging is a poster child for the potential of service-oriented architectures and web services in general, and it is likely that the results of its innovations will ultimately have a direct effect on mainstream business practice. "

martin, 0:18 #