6. Februar 2003

Rent My Chest! (via lex, the artist formerly known as ho)

martin, 15:01 #

Joi Ito's Web: A Cluetrain moment:

"We recently had a cluetrain moment on my blog. I wrote an entry about the Shure E2c in-ear headphones. We got a discussion going about great headphones. I don't know if it was because Google indexed this entry on the first page of search results for "Shure E2c", but Matt, the product specialist for the E2c, dropped in and joined the discussion.
martin, 14:11 #

Ralf Graf: "Nun sitze ich deprimiert vor meinem Computer weil meine Site nicht “relevant” ist, keine “Wertschöpfungskette” beinhaltet und ich mir noch keine Gedanken über ein “tragfähiges und für alle befriedigendes Konzept” gemacht habe."

martin, 12:26 #

vowe dot net :: Instant Mess(aging) "Somebody will take a bath."

martin, 12:22 #