22. Februar 2014

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On the web, everybody can...

In his article Say “no more hierarchy” and everybody gets the wrong idea, Frederic Laloux (who has just published his book "Reinventing Organizations" points out that

Gary Hamel, in his book What Matters Now, notes that on the web:

· No one can kill a good idea
· Everyone can pitch in
· Anyone can lead
· No one can dictate
· You get to choose your cause
· You can easily build on top of what others have done
· You don’t have to put up with bullies and tyrants
· Agitators don’t get marginalized
· Excellence usually wins (and mediocrity doesn’t)
· Passion-killing policies get reversed
· Great contributions get recognized and celebrated

This is exactly how I want my company to be (and I think we are on a good way towards it with Röll & Korvenmaa) (see my previous post for more thoughts on this).

I have captured a number of quotes from Frederic's excellent article over at the company tumblr. Very, very interesting, this.

Over in London, Lee Bryant & his new venture PostShift are on to similar things...

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