8. Februar 2014

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Building an ideal world of work

What would work look like in an ideal world?

... I asked myself today; and sat down for some free writing.

This is what came out.

It would be free, in the sense that nobody would boss me around. I would choose on what to work on, changing where I put my effort with changing circumstances.

I would choose my own work environment, travel to where I need to be, and spend as much time as necessary on what needs to be done.

I would be connected to other coworkers who would be working on the same or similar things as me, and I would regularly meet people who did completely different, but somehow related things.

When rules are necessary, there would be a clear way on how they are set, and how they can be changed. Anyone could propose a rule, or a change to a rule, and there would be a process of how anyone impacted would participate in the decision making.

We would know why we do the work. Payment would be incidental: It's not what the work is about. If I needed money, or a different way to get paid, I would raise that to a specific person in my surrounding who would take care of it.

Work would be plentiful, with problems abundant. There would be a marketplace for problems and people willing to solve them.

What is missing now?

The marketplace for problems is not clear. There are plenty of problems, but few people standing up with them, exposing them, and being willing to work on them. I would like more clarity with "here, _this_ is the problem, who is going to help me?"

There are "job offers" and "positions" out there aplenty, but "jobs" bore me and "positions" lock me in. Give me a problem, I'll help solve it.

Facilitation / organisation development work with Nenásilná komunikace group in Brno, Czech Republic, August 2013

All the other things, I have realised in my freelance work and especially with my new business Röll & Korvenmaa - Purposeful Collaboration. It's wonderful to work with a partner (except when it's not), and it's wonderful to be embedded in communities of like-minded (or not so like-minded) people (Open Space Technology, Art of Hosting, Going Solo, ...) For structure in collaboration and organisation, Holacracy has opened a world to me.

Views onto Röll & Korvenmaa's organisational structure, in Glassfrog, the Holacracy Support Software

Questions of money are more simple now. Sales is joyful; I just wish I had more opportunity to do it. Where can I meet the people that I could potentially help? Where are the people that want to _do_ something about their own and their organisations' problems?

Let's do something

  • If you can help me get into conversations about organisational or individual problem solving, I shall keep you updated on what happens and will let you participate in any success that comes from it. roell.net and the sidebar at Röll & Korvenmaa have some words on what I can offer.

  • If you have a wicked problem to solve, a project to realise, a group to bring to coherent action, let me know and I'll see how I can help.

  • If you know someone in Tampere or elsewhere in Finland, who'd be willing to hire me for a long-term project (it can start as a short-term experiment), please connect us. I'd love to spend more work time in Finland.

In an ideal world, what would work look like for you? How is that different from what it is now? Do write.

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