22. Dezember 2013

[ English ]

Learning Ruby on Rails, Day 3

Besides following the teaching project of my course, I also wanted to start working on an own project from scratch. So I set up a new project following instructions from RailsGuides: Getting Started with Rails

Unlike the teaching project, these instructions do not use scaffolding, so the entire process seemed a lot more clunky. It did help really understand basics, though. routes and actions and methods are not suspicious anymore.

On the side I learnt that Ruby on Rails understands that the singular of "people" is "person" and so I was saved from having to rename classes (which apparently is a major hassle in RoR) and could simply continue. Nice.

Half-way in, I realised that I had forgotten to set up a repository / version control system / git, so I quickly did it, following these instructions. (More on Git in Day 2's post).

I learnt about Record validations and Class Associations ("A person can have many widgets").

I played with forms and managed to display Key References from foreign classes in a form. That was a big step.

I'll toy with this a bit more and make the app available publicly pretty soon, I think.

I am finding my way around the project directory structure now and know where to find what; where the controllers sit and what they do, and where to find the views. 72 hours now? I like.

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