14. März 2013

[ English ]

Much work

I haven't kept up with a daily rhythm blogging here, but then I never had a daily rhythm, or the ambition to build one, anyway.

I have been busy preparing for and working on a new project, analysing a research project's survey data. The schedule has been tight, so I locked myself up and crawled into datasets. It has been more fun and more interesting than I thought. Analytical work is good. Grounding.

I enjoy working at The New Factory: I really like the space, it helps me to concentrate. It's nice enough to want to go there, and ugly enough to not stick around too long. I come, I get work done, I meet people and chat a bit, and go. Back into town.

I enjoy the city more every day.

This was yesterday:

Another busy day tomorrow, then out to Berlin on Saturday.


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