12. März 2013

[ English ]

Maailman toisella puolen (on business in Finland. and Germany.)

Maailman toisella puolen ("on the other side of the world") is a Finnish Popsong of 2011 that is still popular here. It played at the Salad Bar yesterday, where I had lunch, just before I restarted this blog.

(The Salad Bar, in Tampereen Kauppahalli is one of my favourite lunch places. Susanna, the owner, is a friend and former client of mine.)

"On the other side of the world" is what it sometimes feels being here. The language is so different from anything I know. Sometimes it feels that everything here is somehow separated and very far apart from what I used to know.

And then it is just two hours flight to be back where the ground is green (not white) and it's warm (not cold) and there are _so many people_.

RyanAir flies Bremen-Tampere and back / Green grass, on a business trip to Germany, February 18th

I am finding a connection between the two and getting a sense of the distance: Where is Germany? Where is Finland? What can I do, being here? What can I do over there? What are the connections? Is there value in making, or being, a bridge?

Business has been good here. In one of my first weeks after deciding to stay here, I walked into a crowd in Uusi Tehdas, introduced myself and said: "I have two empty hands. I can do things. Come talk to me." And people came (talk about the Finnish being shy) and I had work. (Forget Marketing. Study the Ten Oxherding Pictures.)

I would like to settle in one place again, or maybe in two places. :-) One could be here, in Tampere, the other in Germany, maybe in no specific place there. Another Bahncard 100?

Business is important. I enjoy work. Give me a good project and a bit of security in it and I am likely to go to where it requires me to be. And travel a lot. Can't help it. I like travel.

Enough for today. This is day 2 of the #back2blog Challenge. Over to you.