11. März 2013

[ English ]

Hello, World (again)

Hello, hello, is this thing still on? Inspired by Stephanie Booth's "Back to Blog" Challenge and the activity of the Going Solo Conference crowd on Facebook I am picking the metaphorical pen up again and write to this page.

It's been five years since I closed this blog. It has been almost three years since I have returned to business after two years at Won Kwang Sa International Zen Temple. Time to get back. Time to think. Time to write.

I am in Tampere, Finland. Tampere, the beautiful. Industrial city, the second largest municipality in Finland. Still, a "small" place if you compare to the German cities that I am used to. I enjoy it here.

Pispala, Tampere; where I live. Photo taken from the frozen lake on Feb 25th, about here.

This week brings me an appointment with Ensimetri - the advisory center for starting entrepreneurs in Finland. I want to find out what it takes to formally establish my business here. Then, I am back to Germany and central Europe for a month, do business, meet friends and family, and maybe experience spring. :)

My travel plans are up on roell.net/wo as they used to.

There I go, a first step after a long hiatus. I am back, I am here (I am also here and here and here and here), I am well, I am ready. Looking forward to hearing from you.