16. November 2006

[ English ]

Interview with Siemens on Corporate Blogging

I have just published the recording of a conversation between me and Michael Rossa, Vice President Corporate Media of Siemens AG, about Siemens' "Blog 100" project. "Blog 100" is the project in which Siemens introduced Weblogs on their Global Intranet. I was involved in this project as a consultant at the kickoff-workshop.

The conversation is in English and runs for 21 minutes. Find diverse versions of it to download or listen directly over here and (German) shownotes over here.

Let me know what you think.


Finde es gut das Siemens diesen Schritt geht. Die Globalisierung und die Zeit bringen es einfach mit sich das eine neue Art der Konversation möglich ist.

Dirk Karl Maßat am 17.11.06 03:10 #