2. Oktober 2006

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My Talk at SHIFT

Suw Charman has posted a transcript of my talk "Time for a SHIFT" that I gave in Lisbon last Friday. It's a talk on "How we need to change our thinking and acting to use information technology sensibly."

I have been asked by many people if I will publish more about my talk. I will. Give me a couple of days. (If you like, subscribe to this english RDF feed - news about the talk will come up there and you won't be confused with the other German entries from my blog.) There will also be a video published on the conference website in the next days.

German entries on the talk from the archives: Im September: SHIFT-Konferenz in Lissabon. (where a reader of my blog came up with what became the central idea for the talk), Morgen: Lissabon (small notes and links on the conference and travelling to Lisbon).

Thanks a lot for your feedback. It enjoyed talking to you. Muito obrigado.

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