14. August 2006

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Four ways to use OpenBC more effectively

Over in a board on OpenBC.com, Stowe Boyd asked for the best ways to use OpenBC as a business social network.

Here are some ideas I came up with:

  1. Make what you offer very clear. Don't clutter up your profile with all kinds of things you offer. If you're a generalist, that's fine. If you have lots of specialities, find patterns and reduce. Nobody is going to read a list of 30 keywords. (Some people argue to put in as much as possible to be found in searches. I doubt that that's a successful strategy: I wouldn't hire someone as a specialist if he had 29 other specialities on his profile besides the one I was looking for.)
  2. Stay real. Your profile should reflect who you really are and what you really do, not who you'd like to be. People can tell the difference.
  3. Answer questions in groups. Groups often have lots of readers and only few active posters. Helpful answers will give you a lot of exposure and add to your credibility.
  4. Link your profile only to people you know. Don't grow your network for the number count's sake. The people you are linked to represent you. It damages your reputation when you are linked to people you don't know. It also makes finding interesting people in the network harder for you.

Which other things you would recommend?

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i would recommend putting #4 as #1..

helge am 14.08.06 20:26 #

Two others important point for me:
- go to networking events
- don't forget to encourage people you know to sign in to OpenBC
[konnte nicht mein URL geben weil "blogspirit . com" ist nicht gemocht!!!]

Cedric am 15.08.06 11:24 #

das mit den Network-Treffen (inkl. externe bzw. von openBC unabhängige Treffen wie etwa den Webmontag) kann ich nur bestätigen - sind sehr hilfreich, i.d.R. bedeutend persönlicher und angenehmer ("Hallo Wolf") als so ein Kontakt über openBC ("Sie ... Herr Wolf ...").

cu, w0lf.

fwolf am 16.08.06 12:59 #

Hm ich finde ja das open BC mich nicht wirklich weiterbringt, ausser ich nehme Geld in die Hand... Gut nun bin ich nicht selbstständig, da ist das vielleicht auch noch mal was anderes... übrigens ganz toller blog hier!

Christian am 20.08.06 22:08 #

> Answer questions in groups.

Yes, indeed - this is a very efficient way to show who you are and how you work. I am a coach and discussing OpenBCs discussion groups has made several people contact me and become my coachees.
I strongly recommend this method of marketing via networking.

Martina Diel am 25.08.06 10:02 #