10. August 2006

[ English ]

Slides from my talk on Weblogs, Corporate Communications and Journalism

Two weeks ago, I gave an invited talk at the 2. International Summer Academy on Political Consulting and Strategic Campaign Communication that was organised by the MZES in Mannheim. My talk was part of the "Corporate Day" (organised by the ZEW) which focused on Corporate Communications.

I have published my slides over here (PDF, 800 KB). As usual: They will probably not be very useful for you if you didn't attend the talk. Slide 14 features a slide from a talk by Sabine Einwiller that she gave earlier in the day (used and published with her permission). Some of the content is lacking: You'll need to add the intellectuals and other publics that come in the phase of "Emergence" and the mass media that enter on the "Upswing".

Thanks for the invitation. I look forward to the discussions on the mailing list.

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