18. Mai 2006

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Finding a 'KM-Job'

Ingo Forstenlechner writes an interesting post about the not so formal KM job track. He links over to Jack Vinson, who asks: Is there a KM job track?

The short answer is "no", and I know at least one of my readers has a story to share here.

There is a longer answer, which includes this interesting observation (citing Jack Vinson):

My observations are that just-out-of-school KM positions are things like (KM) system administrators, community managers and data analysts. As people gain more experience or move to different levels within organizations, the KM positions begin looking like project managers, business-technology liaisons, and KM intervention designers. At the highest level are strategic positions that work on creating and executing KM-specific strategies.

Ingo adds:

So, Jack is right, there is no formal career track. But there is a multitude of tracks you can pursue with KM and this makes the topic potentially more interesting.

The emphasis is mine. I am not sure if Ingo put it this way on purpose, but I think there is a very important point in there: Maybe the key to finding a "KM job" is to find out, what exactly you want to do with KM - and not look for jobs "in" KM. There are plenty of things you can do with the methods and ideas that come from what we call "Knowledge Management" - but they need application in the business, a connection to the organisational system.

I am interested in strategy and in the effectiveness of knowledge workers. There is much to do there, a lot of which can be done with KM. But I don't want to "do KM" (which is a bit funny, because "Wissensmanagement" seems to become popular again in some German industries. I still have to find out what they really mean.).

Here's an older entry built on a post by David Pollard which came to my mind when writing this: Das E-Business Weblog: Knowledge Management = "Improving Intellectual Work Effectiveness" (June 2004).

Also have a look at David Gurteen's "KM Jobs" page.

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