7. Februar 2006

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Four Things

I have been tagged by Mónica André. It seems that I am in good company, so I will play along, even though usually I don't like these blogmemes much. (The responses to this one were pretty interesting though.) Anyway, enough meta-talk, let's go. :)

(I wrote my answers down on Friday, February 3rd. Meanwhile the meme has also spread wide across "my" part of the German Blogosphere.)

Four jobs I had:

Project Manager of an Internet Retail Business
Member of the Board of my own Internet Startup
Conductor of a Student Orchestra
Freelance Consultant and Speaker

Four movies I can watch repeatedly:

I get nervous when watching movies. I can't think of any movie that I'd want to watch more than one time at a time. Well. Maybe "Waking Life" could make it.

Four places I've liked:

South England; Devon, Cornwall
The city of Palma de Mallorca, especially the Castell de Bellver
Lisbon (not the first time, but the second time I came)

Four TV shows I like

I don't own a TV and I can't remember liking any shows very much. I used to watch stupid German Law Series in the afternoon to laugh about the amateur actors and fall asleep rapidly, but it was senseless and tiring. I liked watching Star Trek (TNG and Voyager) when it was still on. And I think I remember that "Monitor" used to be a pretty good investigative journal, when I was a child. I liked "Frontal" when Hauser was still alive. Does that make four? On to something else.

Four places I've vacationed:


Four favourite dishes:

The wonderful Spinat/Schinken/Tomaten/Nudeln/Käseauflauf that they make in "Leonardos", the bar across from my old living place
Portuguese Açorda
A chinese pork dish my mother makes
The "Bauernfrühstück" they make in "Planwirtschaft" - a life saver.

Four sites I visit daily:
Technorati (I should stop that)
Hm. tagesschau.de?

Four people I will tag:

Christoph Hörl
Taran Rampersad
Heiko Haller (who recommended "Waking Life" to me)
Gabriela Avram

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I just read Martin Roells Four Things posting and now I have been tagged by Christoph H

itligenz.twoday.net: Four Things (11.02.06 00:01)


I tagged Ton, which is probably how it got winding its way to you ??

I too generally don't like these things too much, but in following where it came from and where it went i learned some pretty interesting things about a few people I don't really know all that well. There's something about these sets of questions that, taken together, let me form a more full picture of these people whom, basically, i suspect are like-minded but of which I have little enough real proof

Jon Husband am 11.02.06 09:04 #