31. Januar 2006

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Sweden plans to be independent of oil in 2020

Via Jörg Hoewner I find this fascinating article by Sweden's Minister for Sustainable Development, Mona Sahlin. Apparently it was published in Dagens Nyheter in October 2005, but went by largely unnoticed by the media.

Sahlin announces the plan to break Sweden's dependence on oil by the year 2020.

There is an interesting discussion going on around the plan at the "Treehugger" Weblog.

Are you aware of any other countries that have annouced similar plans?

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ThoBlog: Sweden plans to be independent of oil in 2020 (02.02.06 22:50)


Bush just announced less ambitious goals for 2025 in his State of the Union Address. It entails cutting back on foreign oil by 75% but also explicitly states becoming a post-oil society as a goal.

I think I remember reading that Iceland has announced oil-independency on a similar timescale as Sweden.

Ton Zijlstra am 02.02.06 10:22 #