16. Juni 2005

[ English , Knowledgework und PIM , Software ]

The future of email clients?

A posting on slashdot let me think about the importance of the email client for knowledge work. I became interested in this last year when I wrote my paper "Distributed KM". I had analysed knowledge work "processes" (activities) and asked myself how people support them with IT today. It was easy to figure out that the email client was the central application.

I wonder how this will develop. What will future email clients look like? What will other tools for storing and sharing information look like? What kinds of tools will people use and how will they interoperate?

I also wrote down some thoughts on slashdot. Feel free to reply there or here, whatever you prefer.


I believe email clients will develop towards client interfaces for web applications and online collaborations tools such as Request tracker or Basecamp.

Simon Østengaard am 17.06.05 16:34 #