7. Juni 2005

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Reboot: Preboot

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Yesterday evening I talked to Nicole Simon about my talk at reboot. She produced a podcast from our conversation.

Here are some links I referenced: "Distributed KM" is a reference to this paper with an unpronounceable title on Weblogs as tools for Knowledge Workers. If you are interested in the ideological background on "knowledge management", read Knowledge Management does not exist. Personal Knowledge Management does.

I wrote more about my talk on my page on the reboot wiki.

Listen to the podcast here: reboot podcast #07 - Martin Röll

Any questions? Anything that you are particularly interested in?

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Hi Martin,

We share many common ideas on social software in the workplace. We developed a tool/service - Ideascape - for organizations to capture knowledge/conversations inside and outside of the business. The point you made in the podcast interview about Europe being ahead of the US on social software is true I believe because of curltural issues (head up ass syndrom.) I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago on what might drive businesses to move forward with social software.
Anyway, good luck with your projects.

Warm regards,

Jim Wilde

jim wilde am 13.06.05 16:07 #