7. Januar 2005

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Bill Gates on Blogging in the Enterprise

In a long and broad CNET Interview, Bill Gates talks about Blogging in the context of Microsoft's plans for its product development:

"(...) we need to integrate more blogging capability into the e-mail world--and as we do the next generation of Outlook, you'll see that. We need to integrate it more into our SharePoint, which is our collaboration Office platform (...)."

"We, with our Office franchise, are committed to making workers far, far more productive than they are today. And believe me, we're not running out of ideas. The phone is inefficient today with phone tag and busy signals. E-mail is inefficient today with seeing stuff that's less relevant and how you organize it--bringing in the blog-type capabilities is very important there."

Interesting! I look forward to seeing what Microsoft comes up with. Does anyone have experience with setting up weblogs in a Microsoft-based environment? Any experiences of setting up Weblogs connected with a SharePoint Portal Server?

(Via Steve Rubel.)

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CNet hat ein interessantes Interview mit Bill Gates geführt. In ihm spricht er über das Phänomen Blogs und das ihn die schiere Anzahl der bereits bloggenden Bevölkerung, die MSN Spaces verwendet (laut Gates ca. eine Million), umgeworfen hätte. Man müss...

lemming: Blogs in Outlook (07.01.05 18:03)


Blogs in Outlook. Das würde ich ja großartig finden. Dann wäre Blogging emanzipiert. Ich denke es wäre auch der einzigste Weg Dailys in meine Firma einzuführen.

lemming am 07.01.05 17:28 #