5. November 2004

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CELDA-Paper published.

Magdalena Böttger and I have published our paper Weblog Publishing as Support for Exploratory Learning on the World Wide Web that has been accepted to Cognition and Exploratory Learning in the Digital Age (CELDA 2004) which will take place in Lisbon next week.


The paper examines how publishing "weblogs", personal learning journals, on the World Wide Web, can support exploratory learning on the World Wide Web. It describes the emergence of social networks that form between weblog authors and their readers and analyses their consequences.

As we have been unable to raise the ~1500 Euro it would have cost us to attend the conference we will not present our paper there and as a consequence it will not be published in the printed proceedings. But who needs paper when we've got Hypertext? ;-) The URL above is permanent and you can also access a PDF-Version.

We look forward to your feedback!

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