25. August 2004

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"Distributed KM": 1.0, PDF

I have published the 1.0 version of "Distributed KM". There are just minor corrections and no new sections added, so there is no reason to re-read everything - but of course you can do so anyway. ;-) I have also produced a PDF-Version for those of you who are allergic to hypertext.

Thanks again to everyone who feedbacked me on the paper. It's great to hear from you.

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Martin Roell has published a new version of his Distributed KM paper.  There are HTML and PDF versions available. ...

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Interessanter Lesestoff bei Martin Roell fuer jeden, der Weblogs kennen und schaetzen gelernt hat und sich nun ueberlegt, ob man damit nicht "mehr" machen kann - vielleicht auch in seiner Firma?! Martin hat seinen Vortrag vom letzten BlogTalk jetzt mal

_notizen aus der provinz: Weblogs als Knowledgemangement-Tool (26.08.04 14:18)

I haven't posted anything really provocative for a while (if at all), so here goes: My suspicion is that there is something seriously wrong with the recent fad of interest in "Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)". At the least it is

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