3. August 2004

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Feedback to "Distributed KM"

My paper Distributed KM has received some very interesting feedback.

Mario Asselin is the director of Institut St Joseph, a maternelle and primary school in Québec. He has blogged about my paper in French and created a visualisation of my Figure 5: Knowledge Work Processes and Support for them through Weblogs (scroll up) which I republish here with his permission. (Click for full size version.)

Institut St. Joseph runs an interesting Student Portfolio Programme based on Movabletype.

Mario also has an interesting collection of links at del.icio.us.

Gary Lawrence Murphy blogged about a comment of his that ended up as a citation in my paper: You've Got Citations

Bill Ives ("Portals and KM"-Weblog) links my ideas to his own thoughts on Weblogs in KM and to those of Dave Pollard: Portals and KM: More on Personal Knowledge Management from Martin Roell.

Amy Gahran has linked to my paper in an interesting list of other KM-articles and posts which you may have seen before if you followed the links at the bottom of my recent piece Davenport on Personal KM.

The paper has also been picked up in Korean and in Dutch.

Thank you to everyone who commented (there were many more - some can be found by following the trackbacks here and here.) It's great to see that my work matters to you.

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[Update 21.08.04] Jac Vinson with some Notes.

Comments by Steven M. Cohen (librarystuff.net).

[Update 15.09.04] Anil Dash gives some praise. Thanks!

[16.03.05] Erst jetzt entdeckt: Un Sommaire en francais. Merci!

[10.07.06] Innovation Creators: The Chief Knowledge Officer’s Dilemma

As a footnote to this post, I recommend reading Martin's Roell's article: Distributed KM - Improving Knowledge Workers' Productivity and Organisational Knowledge Sharing with Weblog-based Personal Publishing. It is an amazing example of someone who thinks years ahead.
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Thanks Martin for the mention of our initiative. I posted a brief resume of what we intend to do with that tool of cyberportfolio at http://cyberportfolio.st-joseph.qc.ca/mario/archives/002425.html.

Mario Asselin am 03.08.04 15:57 #


Been reading your paper again.

I'm not sure I agree with your description of KM as having a focus on information objects. Wilson's view is too radical here too.

Knowledge ecology puts the KM focus on awareness, emergence, relationships, social construction, dialog, community and group learning. Explicit knowledge then plays a minor role.

IMO PKM that does not focus on networking, community participation, tacit knowledge exchanges and inquiry is pointed in the wrong direction. Personal voicing, thought organization and personal publication do not do justice to the social components necessary for real knowledge work.

Denham am 22.08.04 18:50 #