16. Juli 2004

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Published my BlogTalk Paper

I have published my paper Distributed KM - Improving Knowledge Workers' Productivity and Organisational Knowledge Sharing with Weblog-based Personal Publishing that I wrote for BlogTalk 2.0. It explains the things I talked about in Vienna.

I have labelled this version 0.9 to be able to edit some sections over the next two weeks and incorporate your feedback. A print version will be published in the proceedings of BlogTalk sometime at the end of the year. When 1.0 is ready I will also provide a PDF.

I have also published my slides with some annotations, mainly for people who were not there. I look forward to your feedback. Comment here or drop me a line. I am on holiday the next 7 days, so do take your time.

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Thanks Martin for this paper. It inspires me to go on with my research. But one questions emerges: What makes you sure that weblogs will be adopted voluntarily by all kinds of knowledge workers? Don't you think it depends on the work style of the knowledge worker whether he or she adopts it or not? I think first you will have to thouroughly examine "types" of knowledge workers. How does the individual acquire and process information? And this not only in a weblog case but in a broader context. Lilias' scheme to examine knowledge workers could be a good basis to build on. She herself mentioned in her paper Discovering the iceberg of knowledge work: A weblog case that the validity of her framework has to be proved in other contexts. No doubt, weblogs can contribute to knowledge worker productivity, but only if knowledge workers are willing to adopt it. I cannot see any general evidence for this voluntary adoption at the moment. The Doctorow (2002) citation does not convince me. It is just an individual opinion. Do you have any broader evidence (study or survey) that can substantiate your assertion?

Florian Heidecke am 19.07.04 14:58 #

I'm enjoying your paper, thanks. I hope you don't mind a few comments since we've never met.
In the comparison of e-mail and blogs you leave out privacy. Even workers at companies that monitor e-mails still treat their inbox as their private domain. This could be important in the adoption in a for-profit organization with proprietary information and intellectual property.
In organizing personal information, you omit the ability to assign and sort by category.
In negotiating meaning, perhaps you should cite the originator of the "information ecology" idea? (Nardi and O'Day or earlier?)

Christina Pikas am 23.07.04 21:12 #

Hi Florian,

I am not sure at all! I hope I have not made the claim that weblogs "will be adopted voluntarily by all kinds of knowledge workers"! Have I? I think adopting weblogs *definately* depends on the kind of person - I have seen some that have adopted weblogs fast and easily some for whom weblogs do not fit their style at all. I think I could probably even explain it well in cognitive psychology, but hey, you know research is not the job that pays my bills. ;-). But back to the subject: Of course Cory Doctorow's essay is just a personal anecdote (and maybe I should not have used it as a reference in an academic paper). At the moment I know of no survey about the broad adoption of blogs. I don't think there is one, as blogs are not widely adopted. :) I just "know" (intuitively) that my assertion that weblogs fit (at least some type of) knowledge workers' work styles is true. If you want to research that then let's work together!

(Christina: I will come back to your comment - I am only online every 72 hours while I am still on holiday.)

Martin Röll am 24.07.04 22:27 #

Christina: I left out privacy for simplicity. At the moment, "channeling" in blogs, that is: publishing for specific audience is not well developed yet, and as most people who read the paper will not know much about weblogs in the first place I did not want to make things complicated and introduce the dimension of "publishin channels" (which could cope with privacy issues).
Assigning and sorting by category is an important point - I will add a paragraph on that. Thanks!
I did not reference "Information Ecology" to any author and left the quotation marks, because I am not yet very familiar with the concept as it is used in literature. I use the term "ecology" in a very intuitive way here. When I have done more reading I might be able to link the idea I had here better to existing research.

Martin Röll am 27.07.04 18:59 #

Here is a summary of the paper in Dutch by Sybilla Poortman: inter-net-viewer.nl » Kenniswerkers en weblogs

Martin Röll am 27.07.04 20:47 #