21. April 2004

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"Information" vs. "Knowledge", KM-Terminology

A quote I posted earlier today inspired Lilia Efimova to write down some thoughts about "information vs. knowledge":

Knowledge doesn't exist "out there": products and artefacts only represent knowledge that people have. Explicit knowledge is information.

I am currently struggling to get my terminology for my BlogTalk-paper right and as clear as possible, which is not an easy thing to do in the KM-world. Going through so many papers all with different perspectives on "Knowledge Management" it is very interesting to see how so much of the discussion is not fruitful, because authors use the same words but think of very different meanings. I think I will need a very clear statement in my paper what I will be talking about and what not.

In the last days I have come across several papers that connect to the concepts I inted to write about in my paper very well, so I am confident that I will be able to set the scope and not be misunderstood too much. ;-)

It is becoming more and more exciting for me to see how others have thought about the same things I am thinking about now before me and how I can connect my ideas to their papers, build on their groundwork and extend it to form new meaning... Maybe I should become a researcher! ;-)

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Hey Martin, lass uns ein Forschungsprojekt zusammen beantragen! ;-)

JanSchmidt am 21.04.04 20:38 #

I believe you'll be a good researcher. Very enterpreneural :)))

Lilia am 21.04.04 21:27 #

Ad Jan:
gerne auch noch interdisziplinärer.

Maximilian Halstrup am 22.04.04 13:11 #

Wirf doch mal einen Blick auf http://www.yauh.de/files/hausarbeiten/wissen.pdf
Da steckt eine kleine Definition der Terminologien am Anfang drin. Es handelt sich übrigens um meine "alte" B.A. Arbeit zum Thema "Kodifizierung und Personalisierung - Zwei Strategien im Wissensmanagement". Wenn's hilft, das Thema ist - zumindest bei uns an der Uni - schon endlos beackter worden, wieso dann nicht die Ergebnisse anderer nutzen :-)

Stephan Hochhaus am 24.04.04 09:44 #