19. Januar 2004

[ Management ]

"Mehr eigenständige Entscheidungen durch IT"

Aus einem interessanten, kurzen Interview mit Thomas Malone im Technology Review vom Oktober 03, in dem es um die Auswirkungen von Informationstechnologie und Dezentralisierung geht:

"Information technology is enabling decision-making to be far more widely dispersed in both large and small firms. With cheaper communication costs, many more people can make decisions for themselves, because they have the information they need. And when more people make more of their own decisions, they are often more creative, more motivated, more dedicated. That means we’ll be able to have many of the economic benefits of large organizations without having to give up human benefits of smaller ones —things like motivation, creativity, and freedom."

Der Tip kam von Steve Cayzer in Andrius Kulikauskas' Mailingliste.

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