17. Dezember 2003

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Paynter interviewt Weinberger

Und nun etwas Redundanz: Frank Paynter hat David Weinberger interviewt.

Es gibt ein paar wunderschöne Bemerkungen zum Semantic Web

"(...) the Web consists of meaning; (...) But that meaning is as hard to systematize and capture as is the meaning of the offline world and for precisely the same reasons. The Semantic Web, it seems to me, often underplays not only the difficulty of systematizing human meaning (= the world) but also ignores the price we pay for doing so: making metadata explicit often is an act of aggression. Human meaning is only possible because of its gnarly, tangly, implicit, unlit, messy context. That's the real reason the Semantic Web can't scale, IMO."

[Nachtrag] Zum gleichen Thema schreibt heute John Udell: The LinkedIn dilemma (via Lee@Headshift)

zu Wolfram und Kurzweil:

"They look at the universe and all they see are patterns. Then they decide that since the patterns are necessary for the phenomenon to be what it is - without a pattern of electrons firing, the brain is just gray jello (excuse me, Jell-O(tm)) - the patterns must be all that matter. Then they conclude that if you move the pattern into a new substance, you have a new instance of the original: a computer running the same patterns in silicon that a brain runs in flesh is conscious. But that's just a silly logical mistake. Sure, consciousness needs patterns of neurons firing, but that doesn't mean that anything with that pattern is conscious."

eine Idee des "Social Reading":

"(...) so much of what we do online is "social reading," which is a new thing. (...) We're so used to thinking of reading as being the definitive solitary act that the idea of reading while connected is really quite something."

und... ach, was texte ich. Nehmt Euch ne halbe Stunde Zeit und einen Becher guten Kaffee.

Hier ist der Link zum Eintrag bei David.

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