8. Dezember 2003

[ English ]

Phone Conversations and Body Language

On the WorkingStories-Mailinglist, Lesley Shneier from the World Bank shared this anecdote which I publish here with his permission:

"I was reminded of a time when I was having an animated discussion on the phone. In the middle of the conversation, the person I was talking to asked if I was in the "J-building" on the second floor. I said I was and asked why. He said he could see a person in the building opposite his, who was talking on her phone and whose gestures matched what I was saying! He then described his whereabouts to me. Once we could see one another across the street in opposite buildings, our conversation took on an even more animated tone, since we could now watch as well as listen."

The World Bank has an extensive section of its Website devoted to Knowledge Sharing.

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