2. November 2003

[ English , Wissensmanagement ]

"What would Ton think about this?"

I was sitting in Verna Allee's lecture at the "KM in NGOs"-Workshop in Brussels a couple of days ago. Verna talked about social aspects of knowledge when I saw Ton Zijlstra, who was sitting opposite of me, get a very concentrated look on his face. It was clear that what Verna was just talking about was very important to him.

I thought to myself: What is Ton thinking about this in this moment?

This perpective made it possible for me to open up my mind in a different way than I would normally do in a lecture like this. It did not only let me reflect on what I thought about Verna's thoughts but also to question these and think about the possibility for another approach to the theme.

I think I should do that more often: Try to think myself into the head of another person: "What would Ton think about that?"

What do you think? Do you ever do this? In what situation? Why? In what way has it helped you? Any stories to share?

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I often do this in "generic talk". Whenever someone starts a topic i try to remember other people's (who listen, too) opinions (mimics, gestics ..) about the topic he/she is talking about. This often gives me not only a feedback about the topic but about their opinion, too. When i talk to these persons afterwards i have at least a glimpse of their point of view.
But i think this approach is (should be?) very /normal/. Did it help me? I don't know.

martin aka chrono am 03.11.03 01:41 #

Wenn ich in einer Kirche bin und ein Konzert höre, versuche ich mir vorzustellen, was andere Menschen hören würden: der Geigenbauer, der Chorleiter, der Dirigent, die Solistin, der Architekt der Kirche...
Gruss, Magdalena

Magdalena am 13.11.03 16:48 #