17. September 2003

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Some Quotes on Weblogs

Einige Zitate zu Weblogs, entnommen aus dem zweiten Teil von Mark Glasers Serie auf OJR (via cyberwriter und swr).

Merrill Brown über die Intensität von Weblogs:

"When a particular blog is really working, the engagement level of both the writer and the reader is unlike anything else around today. There's a real-time type of communication, an immediate sharing of perspectives and an intimate level of creative thinking that doesn't compare to other forms."

Christopher Barr zu Weblogs und Jules Verne:

"Weblogs, or something very similar, were dreamed up more than 100 years ago by Jules Verne. In his 1890 futuristic "A Day in the Life of an American Journalist in 2890," he predicted that instead of being printed, every morning the news is spoken directly (IM'd?) to subscribers, who, from interesting conversations with reporters, learn the news of the day. Each subscriber owns a recorder (hard disk?) to gather the news if he doesn't want to listen to it himself.

Although he was off by 890 years, Verne accurately predicted that people would want to get the news as unvarnished as possible."

Ergoogelt: Jules Verne: Book: La journée d'un journaliste américain en 2890

Doug Weaver über die"reemergence of the online news personality":

"I'm hoping the Weblogs signal the reemergence of the online news personality: "I'll collect the news, sort it out, and then offer you some context in which to view it." There's the potential that a handful of bloggers can become the DJs of news and information. If you think about it, it's the classic opinion leader syndrome on steroids."