8. September 2003

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Shirky über Micropayments und Free Content

Clay Shirky mal wieder in ganzer Größe: Fame vs Fortune: Micropayments and Free Content.

Die Zusammenfassung:

These: Micropayments werden sich für digitale Inhalte nicht durchsetzen.

(...) the act of buying anything, even if the price is very small, creates what Nick Szabo calls mental transaction costs, the energy required to decide whether something is worth buying or not, regardless of price. (...) Mental transaction costs create a minimum level of inconvenience that cannot be removed simply by lowering the dollar cost of goods.

In einer (durchaus angreifbaren) Argumentation führt Shirky aus, dass jede Barriere zum Verlust von Lesern führen wird:
(...) any barrier to a particular piece of content (even, as the usability people will tell you, making it one click further away) will deflect at least some potential readers. Charging, of course, creates just such a barrier.

Deshalb ist kostenloses Anbieten eine "stabile Strategie": Sie funktioniert, wenn man der einzige ist, der kostenlos anbietet und wenn es alle tun.

In a world of free content, even the moderate hassle of micropayments greatly damages user preference, and increases their willingness to accept free material as a substitute.

Und sogar mehr als das:

(...) offering free content is not just an evolutionary stable strategy, it is a strategy that improves with time, because the more free content there is the greater the advantage it has over for-fee content.

Das liegt an Tools wie Google oder Technorati.

Warum glauben also noch so viele an Micropayments? Shirky:

People want to believe in things like micropayments because without a magic bullet to believe in, they would be left with the uncomfortable conclusion that what seems to be happening -- free content is growing in both amount and quality -- is what's actually happening.

Und wie sieht die Zukunft aus für die Finanzierung von Inhalten?
[The internet] makes all user-supported schemes harder, and all subsidized schemes easier. (...)

This is not to say that creators cannot be paid for their work, merely that mandatory user fees are far less effective than voluntary donations, sponsorship, or advertising.

Hochinteressante Lektüre. Das erinnert mich, dass ich unbedingt mal was für die Finanzierung meines kleinen Weblogs tun muss. Kommt auf die ToDo-Liste für morgen. Und danach ins Blog. :)

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