5. August 2003

[ Internet , Technologie ]

"Annotation is more important than Metadata"

Earl Mardle schreibt ein paar sehr wahre Dinge über das SemanticWeb (via David Weinberger):

Annotation is more important than metadata. There’s a lot of talk about metadata, ontologies and the semantic web. I don’t listen to much of it because it hardly matters what you think your document or resource is about, or how you think it can be used, or how good it is. What matters is what I think about it and how I use it, then what the people I respect, and the people they respect, think of it and how they used it. That’s why annotation is crucial, I need to be able to be able to make my own annotations on, link them to the annotations of others and understand how the work enhances or diminishes your reputation in my chosen field.

Er macht auch klar, warum das Semantic Web nicht funktionieren kann:

The semantic web breaks the internet model, it demands too high a level of precision and it tries to wrest control from the user and place it in the hands of the model maker. Wont work.

It presumes that whoever builds the taxonomy in the first place, knows and can define to everyone’s satisfaction, what they mean by the taxonomy.

Weiterhin führt er aus, wie Google es richtig macht und was Weblogs damit zu tun haben. Sehr interessante Lektüre.

Es gibt auch eine Fortsetzung zu diesem Artikel mit einer schönen "Hologramm"-Metapher. Spannend. Das Blog wandert in den Aggregator.

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