2. August 2003

[ English , Trends ]

Future Record Stores

A thought I had when I was reading this quote in a blog-entry about digital music distribution in Heiko Hebig's Blog:

Heiko M/S/O (Ongaku): "Digital downloads remove the face from music. And record stores will no longer serve a community function."

Future record shops will have terminals where people can download their favourite music from the net and directly burn it onto a CD or put it on an iPod-like device. It will mostly be used by people who do not have broadband connections at home or who are not so computer savvy. The store operators will provide an interface to several sources of music on the net.

They will charge for data transfer and the CD burning service. They will pay the music plattforms on the net for the downloads their clients make.

They will serve great coffee.

Problems: Where do we get the music from? (Connecting to Kazaa only might not be a very good idea... ) How can we make this service sexy? (Record stores are sexy. Internet cafés are disgusting.) Should we prohibit downloading songs by the Kelly Family to make the world a better place?

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