23. Juli 2003

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Need an Expert? Ask the Blog-Headhunters!

I was talking to Lilia Efimova the other day when I was preparing for an interview with a journalist about k-logs. We talked about Weblogs and how they can benefit individuals and organisations. We reflected on Sebastian Paquet getting hired because of his Weblog and about Robert Scoble who got his job at Microsoft because of his blog.

There is a pattern here: The blogosphere is full of intelligent, clued and nice people (and what is even better: Most better are intelligent AND nice at the same time!). They can be found by searching and following links. So why don't HR-departments use the blogosphere in a systematic way? Is there a better way of finding clued people? (Yeah, ads in papers and assesment centers, right? You must be joking.) Is there a better way of knowing what someone is up to before you hire him? And you get free marketing too.

Maybe there is a business opportunity for a "Blog-Headhunting"-Agency here: An agency that searches through the blogosphere to find the right bloggers for a vacancy.

"Need an expert? Ask the Blog-Headhunters."

So, when do we start? ;-)

Update (2003-08-02) You won't believe this... head over to Heiko Hebig's Blog...

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Absolutely logical. This concept leverages what the Internet does best: connecting two points that would otherwise probably never meet. Online dating. eBay. Blogjobs. Makes perfect sense!

Rebecca Lieb am 23.07.03 19:22 #

Not a bad idea

Ka schlechte Idee

L(isa) Neun(9) - Karma gerettet? am 23.07.03 19:44 #

great idea, I found 3 programmers by reading blogs. :)

Nico am 23.07.03 19:56 #

Splendid idea, and one that would be remarkably easy to implement.

Also thrilled to be able to read one of your posts in English.

I know - it's pathetically insular of me to require you to do all the work, compensating for my inability to learn another language. But your English is so much better than my German could ever be - trust me on this. And I'm afraid the Google machine-translation thing just doesn't cut it.

Thank you, Martin.

Hmmm... here's a thought: perhaps you need to add a new flag to the top of your page, to translate any of your English posts back into their native German ;-)

Michael O'Connor Clarke am 23.07.03 19:57 #

Since when do HR departments search the net for potential applicants for positions? I thought that was the headhunters job? Or if done inhouse, the staffing department? And haven't they been researching on the web anyway? Just type CV or resume into a search engine and off you go...

No, sorry, I don't believe that weblogs are the great new hiring tool. A blog might be a way for the researcher to build an initial contact and might even help the researcher to build a first impression, but that's about it. But similar results can be achieved by researching what other work or successes someone has had. You don't need weblogs for that.

You list two people and out of that create a pattern? Well, in that case I argue that a golf course is a fantastic recruiting tool because top managers meet other top managers on the golf course, get to know them and then headhunt them. Or conferences. Or professional associations.

I think your concept needs a bit of work ;-)

Armin am 23.07.03 23:27 #

The princpals of 3Leaf Solutions have also used their corporate blog as a recruiting tool.

And their job descriptions kick flying monkey butt:


Michael O'Connor Clarke am 24.07.03 03:11 #

Very creativ! I think, real estate brokers can also search for propertys or racedrivers can use blogs to find new sponsors or maybe if you need a new wife you can use blogs to. (HR to ;-)) But stop, thats it, we can use blogs for anything. Excellent.

But here some worldly wisdom: "If you only have a hammer, any problem looks like a nail."

Matthias Teege am 24.07.03 08:13 #

Thanks, Phil, I should have known that you had already thought this through ages ago! :-)

Here's a link to some comments by Lilia Efimova.

Martin Röll am 24.07.03 11:21 #

Totally. I quit my job recently to become a consultant. To get a network going, I created a blog where I posted about my area of expetise while still employed. My first client came to me from my blog entries. A weblog can be better than a resume', I think.

Lee am 28.07.03 20:57 #

interesting idea...

sand13w am 30.07.03 19:11 #

My interview with RSSJobs creator, Steve Rose. http://dijest.com/aka/2003/08/05.html#a2525

Phil Wolff am 06.08.03 05:45 #

Jeez that's a brilliant idea. I'm sick of dealing with recruiters, who mostly nowadays just sift through CVs, and they can't even remember you from one week to the next even if you meet them.

The trouble is, most companies want square pegs in square holes, best satisfied by square people with square CVs. I was amazed at what Robert Scoble is doing with Microsoft and the Longhorn blog.
There is hope, and I'd better go back and clean up my weblog!!

Tony Goodson am 03.11.03 07:04 #