10. Juni 2003


Raging Cow Business Intelligence

Anil Dash hat einen lustigen Referrer:

Update: My referrers list shows a link that was followed to get to this post, with the URL "http://mail.richardsi.com/exchange/santashaker/inbox/raging cow being talked about at weblog business conference going on right now.eml?cmd=open". That means someone at Richards Interactive (the company behind the Raging Cow campaign) checked their Exchange mail through the web interface and found some mention that their campaign came up at the conference I'm attending. And yes, Richards folks, your work was absolutely mentioned. Repeatedly. In the worst possible light, as a definitive example of marketers who didn't get it.

If you're of the "any attention is good attention" school of thought, then that might be okay. But if you think that's the case, you're screwed anyway, long-term. So don't take this post as a measure of your success. It's an example of how prominent a failure can be.

Well said.

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