9. Juni 2003

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Rick Bruner: MarketingFix: Things I've Learned at ClickZ's Weblog Business Strategies Conference

Lots of grey hair and pot bellies in this room. I'd say half of the attendees are over 40. Here we are, all agreeing that blogs are the most exciting thing to hit the Web since Napster, yet it's largely a bunch of old farts evangalizing and driving this new new medium forward.
Stimmt. Merkwürdig. Ich bin einer der jüngsten hier.

Perhaps we have a pattern here: American Bloggers are old. European Bloggers are young.

Vielleicht ein Wettbewerbsvorteil? ;-) (Wie sieht das in dreißig Jahren aus?)

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American Bloggers are old. European Bloggers are young....

PapaScott's Quick Links: American Bloggers are old. European Bloggers are young. (12.06.03 03:52)


1. Bad economy, older people have more money, go to more conferences.

2. U.S. is overweight as a whole.

3. When greybeards run conferences, they recruit speakers in their image. Happened at blogtalk and at most conferences.

Phil Wolff am 09.06.03 23:45 #

who was the youngest at blogtalk?

maria am 16.06.03 02:52 #

I guess I was the youngest speaker, but I'm not sure about that. In the audience there were several people younger than me.

Martin Roell am 16.06.03 10:15 #