2. Juni 2003

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PeopleSoft kauft J.D. Edwards

... so informiert mich Heiko Hebig via IM und so schreibt CNET News.com.

In einem 1,7 Milliarden USD Aktientausch übernimmt PeopleSoft J.D. Edwards.

The merger will create a company with $2.8 billion in annual revenue, 13,000 employees and more than 11,000 customers in 150 countries. (...)

"With PeopleSoft's strength in the large enterprise space and services industries, combined with J.D. Edwards' position as an acknowledged leader in the midmarket and manufacturing, we will be able to serve the entire enterprise software market in a way that no other vendor can," J.D. Edwards CEO Bob Dutkowsky said in a release. (...)

J.D. Edwards will be operated as a wholly owned subsidiary, but the organizations will be integrated, and there may be some integration of sales forces, executives said in conference call.

Auf heise gibt es auch noch einen kleinen Artikel dazu.

Einige hübsche Treffer gibt es auch in der Google-Suche.

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die Geschichte ist ja noch nicht zu ende: Oracle will Peoplesoft kaufen ...

Also gibt es auch in der Wirtschaft eine Nahrungskette!

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