15. Mai 2003

[ Wissensmanagement ]

Nutzenversprechen für Weblogs im Wissensmanagement

In Blogs in Business (Teil 3): Finding the Right Niche stellt Dave Pollard den Wert von Weblogs im Wissensmanagement heraus:

Weblogs can be effectively pitched to senior management of major organizations by explaining how they help solve the six problems:
  • They make contributing knowledge simpler, easier, and more automatic
  • They make it easier to update knowledge on a timely basis
  • They make knowledge more context rich
  • They allow the authors of key business knowledge to build and retain 'pride of ownership'
  • They make contributing knowledge more fun, since it becomes more like 'publishing'
  • Each individual's 'collection' of shared knowledge is easy to define and assess at performance evaluation time
  • They make knowledge easier to route, to 'subscribe' to, to canvass and to 'mine'
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